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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Paris bomber was 'refugee' in Greece, was issued 'emergency' Syrian passport

A good morning to all of you from Boston Logan Airport where today is a travel day for me. I won't tell you yet where I'm going, but I'm going to be spending much of today over 'flyover country' and I am not heading to the West Coast. Hmmm. PS I should have WiFi.

I thought you'd all want to see the tweet above. First, because it shows just how out of control the situation with 'refugees' is in Europe. My fear now is that trying to stop it may be closing the barn door after the cow has escaped.

And second, the comment (which may have been inserted by Honest Reporting) is spot-on. What happened in Paris on Friday night is no different than what we're wary of 24/7 in Israel... except that in Israel the victims are (God Forbid) Jews, so CNN and the rest of the liberal media fall all over themselves to avoid calling it terrorism.

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