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Saturday, August 01, 2015

Would that be this Hillary Clinton email?

The New York Post reports that some more of Hillary Clinton's emails were dumped by the State Department on Friday afternoon (Hat Tip: Shy Guy via Jihad Watch). One of them is described as blacking out the following information:
The latest State Department e-mail dump reveals 37 times that e-mails sent on Hillary Clinton’s private server were subsequently deemed too sensitive to release.
Among Friday’s revelations:
One e-mail that got blacked out shows former Clinton administration National Security Adviser Sandy Berger coaching Clinton on how to pressure Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in negotiations with the Palestinians.
Would that be this email?
Let raise an idea about how you could present the arrangement on settlements that you are seeking with Israel as I understand it, i.e. a moratorium coupled with allowances to complete a number of housing units. There are two ways:
1. To describe it as an agreement, explaining why the US has accepted an Israeli completion of a handful of units whose construction already has begun. This raises some concerns. It would represent U.S. legitimization of some (however small) Israeli activity in the West Bank and it would trigger Arab and Palestinian complaints that we had compromised, sowing doubts about our effectiveness.
2. The alternative would be for the administration to say:
a. We have come a very long way, as Israel has made unprecedented commitments to the U.S. in terms of a settlements freeze. This is a very welcome development.
b. We did not achieve all that we had hoped as Israel intends to complete a number of housing units. We have differences with the Israeli government on this matter which we have expressed to them..
c. That said, we are convinced that substantial progress has been made that warrants an immediate resumption of peace talks as well as Arab steps toward Israel that will help promote a two-state solution.
This latter option retains our credibility, does not compromise our oft-stated position and allows us to move forward.
Israel  gives a 'settlement freeze' for which Hillary Clinton and Sandy 'I stuffed the top secret material in my socks' Berger make sure it gets no credit.

Better than Obama? What difference does it make?

Or is there an even worse email we haven't seen yet? 

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