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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Bad news: Sign that Schumer will back Iran deal (WITH THE VIDEO)

The New York Post is reporting on signs that Senator Chuck Schumer - a key to the Senate vote - will back President Obama's Iranian nuclear sellout.
That’s the implication of a little-noticed YouTube video on which he was last month captured talking with a delegation of Orthodox Jews in Washington.
The video has been given little coverage, even as Schumer emerges as a pivotal figure in the debate in the Senate. The meeting was with a delegation of one of the most distinguished Jewish groups, the Orthodox Union. It was apparently filmed on a cellphone by a member of the audience and was uploaded onto YouTube in June.
Schumer was aware of that possibility, because he started out by saying he’d “wanted to talk a lot of tachlis about Iran” — meaning, roughly, get down to business. But, he said, “I’m not going to do this because you’re recording it.”
Then he proceeded to talk tachlis anyhow, characterizing the question as “which is better — no agreement or an agreement that is not close to the ideal.” It would, though, be inaccurate to suggest that Schumer simply endorsed what the administration is doing.
Schumer was nuanced and thoughtful. He gets that an Iranian bomb would be an existential threat to Israel. But he mocked those who advocate a military strike against Iran’s bomb-making facilities, calling it “the next-worst solution.”
Then, toward the end of his remarks, he asked that the door be closed.
“This is the tachlis part,” the senator said. He spoke of how the failure to reach an agreement would leave sanctions in place but only if everyone else stays in. “It so bothers me to have the Jewish fate in European hands,” Schumer said.
“We’ve been through this before, we Jewish people,” Schumer said. He then spoke of what a difficult decision he was facing. Noting that he’d been an elected official for 41 years, he said he would not let political pressure interfere.
Yet maybe Schumer will remember Mordechai’s injunction to Esther: “If you remain silent at this time, relief and rescue will arise for the Jews from elsewhere, and you and your father’s household will perish.”
Let's go to the videotape.

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At 5:25 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

I keep being told that Orthodox are "conservative." Listen to the fawning tone of introduction of "the" Democrat in the video. I'm very confused. Did that Orthodox group host people like Ted Cruz or Allen West? Or Tom Cotton, who, G-d bless him, seems to have uncovered "SIDE DEALS" that Americans are apparently not qualified to know about.

BTW, one of the reasons the Hezbollah rockets got through in 2006 was that the IDF (and fighter bomber jets) were convinced to pull back in S. Leb. multiple times, by Condi, meaning that the rockets went on for a month. The point would be to tell the civilians in advance to get out of S. Leb because, if rockets come out of a S. Leb site, then it will be flattened. Was Sen. Schumer over there in 2006? No? Well, I was. And if Israel decides to stop in its tracks the bombing of civilians, NO AMERICAN should try to force them not to.

At 9:46 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

And BTW2, Schumer, in that video above, goes on in strident tones about deep "racism" in the U.S. and tries to put it as equivalent to "anti-semitism" in the Middle East. He is an IGNORANT (or LYING... pick one) man. May I suggest that he get out of that northeast ELITE bubble, out to flyover country, to see what America is actually like. The state where I've lived the last quarter century is now 40-something percent Hispanic/Latino and 30-something percent "white." We get along very well among ourselves, although Schumer-Style Leftist Rulers have created a pit of poverty, drugs, slavetrading, and illiteracy here. It's gross what they have done. Lately, I've been trying to get my NE Elite Bubble friends to realize the disaster of implementing things that make them feel "nice," or "better," etc., while forcing Leftist Elimination of Prospects for the poor. I can't figure out whether the Schumer/Clinton Elites don't understand or DON'T CARE...


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