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Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Obama's @TheIranDeal twitter shill tweets a link to anti-Semitic website

Among anti-Semitic websites, one Jewish one stands out: Mondoweiss. Don't take my word for it. Listen to MJ Rosenberg writing on the Far Left Tikkun website:
Lately I have been struck by the raw anti-semitism evinced on anti-Israel websites (most egregious example, Mondoweiss). http://mondoweiss.net/
There is nothing novel about it. It’s not “the new anti-semitism” that the Anti-Defamation League likes to talk about. But the old kind, masquerading as anti-Zionism but manifesting itself as support or, at least, sympathy for every group or individual hostile to Jews: from Pat Buchanan to Hizbullah.

On Tuesday, @TheIranDeal, which is the official White House twitter account that shills support for Hussein Obama's sellout to a nuclear Iran, tweeted this:
The tweet is still alive - that's how I was able to embed it.

Pam Geller - who screenshot the tweet in case it disappears - argues that tweeting Mondoweiss is just the latest step in a White House campaign to make Jew hatred normal.

Joel Pollak, who knows a thing or two about Jewish anti-Semites, makes the same argument.

And 78% of American Jews voted for this lowlife....

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