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Monday, August 03, 2015

Did President Rivlin visit the Biton family?

Columnist Ben Caspit writes on Facebook this morning regarding the report yesterday that President Rivlin never visited the family of Baby Adele Biton HY"D (May God Avenger her blood), who passed away a couple of months ago two years after being the victim of a terror attack.
The full Facebook post is at that link and its quite short. Here's a much better translation than Facebook will give you.
Since this morning, I see a fabricated report on President Rivlin that claims that he did not visit the parents of Adele Biton "so as not to anger the Arabs." This is a cheap and transparent fabrication at an imaginary site from a reporter who does not exist, which does not stop many Right wing degenerates from spreading it and accusing Rivlin of treason. To permit [taking the life] of the country's President, the Right wing ideologue, the picture of beauty and morality.

It is apparent that the idiots never end, they just change identities. Rivlin visited the Biton family and said powerful emotional words in the family's home. But the lowlifes of limited intelligence do their own thing. We have learned nothing, and apparently we will not learn anything. This is how it is when there are no brains. 
The story I saw - on Arutz Sheva's website - and on which I based my post, was based on an interview with Adele's mother, and said nothing about him 'deserving to die' (God Forbid) or anything similar. 

If you read the Arutz Sheva story carefully, you will see that Mrs. Biton criticized the President for not visiting in the hospital. It is true that he paid a shiva (condolence) call when they were sitting shiva for Baby Adele five months ago.

What Caspit is actually referring to is this story - which describes threats that Rivlin has received since speaking out against the firebombing of the Arab home in Duma and the stabbing of a participant at the gay pride parade in Jerusalem - both on Thursday. The death threats are disgusting and deserve condemnation. But Adele Biton's mother is not their source, and the story only mentions Adele among several terror victims named by Rivlin. Adele's mother deserves to be left in peace at least as much as the President does. It's unfair of Caspit to blame her.

I've met President Rivlin and admire him greatly even if I don't always agree with him. Ironically, if you go to the last link, you will see Rivlin wearing a kaffiyeh with curses written in Hebrew in the top right corner of the picture. In the background are Jewish holy books.... When I met him, he was speaker of the Knesset, and I was taken to his office by a client to meet him. His Knesset office was also filled with Jewish holy books. The man deserves better.

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