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Thursday, August 06, 2015

Obama lies again: Gulf countries do not support his nuclear sellout, meanwhile Iran releases anti-Arab game

The Heritage Foundation's Luke Coffey writes that - contrary to Obama administration claims - the Gulf countries do not support the Obama-Kerry nuclear sellout to Iran.
Does Iran pose an existential threat to its neighbors in the Gulf and to regional security?
Without a doubt. And the Gulf Cooperation Council members that do not say so publicly will certainly say so privately—even Qatar.
The Iranian ruling elite look down on the Gulf States, many of which they see as nouveau riche artificial Arab states carved out of the former Persian Empire and propped up by Western powers.
At the root of Arab-Iranian tensions in the Gulf is Tehran’s ideological drive to export its Islamist revolution and overthrow the traditional rulers of the Arab monarchs.
This ideological clash has further amplified the longstanding sectarian struggle between Shia and Sunni Islam and is exacerbated by several longstanding Iranian territorial claims in the Gulf.
This will only be made worse as a result of the Iran deal.
The Qatari foreign minister can say what he likes about the deal, but the only voice that matters in the Gulf Cooperation Council is the voice of Saudi Arabia’s King Salam.
As the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, and as the ruler of the largest and most important Gulf Cooperation Council member, it is his voice that counts the most on the Arab street.
Until King Salam speaks publicly in support of the deal, you can bet there are serious concerns privately among the Gulf Cooperation Council.
Stories like the one that follows are not going to make the Gulf countries any more comfortable with a nuclear Iran.
And the full story in English.
An Iranian website that specializes in electronic games has released a game named “Beat Up and Insult the Arab” and made the game available for free download.

The site that released the game is allegedly registered at the country's center for regulating Iranian websites, which is linked to the Ministry of Culture and Guidance. It introduces itself as an entertainment site that operates based on the rules of the Islamic Republic. On the site, it states that it will remove any content that violates Islamic laws.

The game consists of two parts; the first is called “feed the Arab,” and the second is called “beat up the Arab,” and includes references to Gulf Arabs.

Many Ahwazi Arabs, whom the Islamic Republic legally considers Iranian citizens, commented on the game on social media, labelling it as racist regardless of which exact Arabs the game intends to poke fun at. 
What a nice country. Let's let them have nuclear weapons.... They wouldn't hurt anyone..... Would they?

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At 3:48 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

so why do they still follow that arab religion forced down their throats?


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