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Monday, July 20, 2015

Another US ally with a lot to worry about from the Iran sellout

There's another US ally outside of Israel and the Persian Gulf whose interests are taking a serious beating as a result of the Obama-Kerry sellout to Iran: India.
India's primary concern, however, remains neighbouring Pakistan.
As this nuclear deal sets a Shiite Iran on the highway to a nuclear bomb, rival Sunni-Arab nations are getting jittery about the prospect of living in an Iranian-dominated Middle East.
Pakistan would be the preferred one-stop shop from Sunni-Arab nations to acquire a "turnkey" nuclear bomb. Saudi Arabia has apparently financed Pakistan's clandestine nuclear program for decades and hopes get an "off the shelf" nuclear bomb in return. U.S. President Barack Obama might be right about not allowing a nuclear Iran "on his watch," but after he leaves the White House -- and because of him -- the nuclear landscape of the Middle East might be "radiating" like a pinball machine.
The multi-billion dollar nuclear deals between Pakistan and Sunni-Arab nations will be brokered by the Pakistani Army, and the money will largely go to fund Islamist infrastructure and jihadist insurgencies in Kashmir and beyond.
As is the case with Obamacare domestically (the real economic hit occurs too late to affect Obama's standing while he's in the White House), so too with the sellout to a nuclear Iran.

What could go wrong?

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