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Thursday, April 02, 2015

Professor Jacobson's apology tour to Israel

Last night, I got an email from Professor Jacobson telling me that he's coming to Israel and asking whether I would like to get together with him (yes, of course I would). Today, I see on his blog that he's coming here to apologize for the United States' behavior to Israel.
I just booked my plane tickets to visit Israel in May.
Maybe I’ll call it an Apology Tour.
I’ll let Israelis know that the current administration, with its childish chickens**t taunting treatment of Israel, does not represent the American people, who overwhelmingly support Israel. (Will this violate the Logan Act?)
Fortunately, I have the speech already written for me:
Read the speech

The funny thing is that when I read the post, I skipped over the line that has the link to the original speech. So I read the speech without knowing that it was actually written by... you'll figure it out. And all I could think about as I was reading the speech was 'wow, this sounds just like Obama except that Obama apologized to enemies and to countries with whom the United States shares nothing in common, while Bill is proposing to apologize to a country that was deservedly called the United States' best friend until Obama took office.'


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At 2:24 AM, Blogger Sunlight said...

If you have time, maybe ask him whether he or one of his colleagues might want to be a founding instigator of the Torah Economics project... maybe he knows some kind of Rabbi or (?) who isn't a Leftist. Still looking.


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