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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Iran's 'slightly different' nuclear framework

Iran has released its own 'fact sheet' on what was agreed upon at Lausanne last month. Unsurprisingly, it's slightly different than the US version.
“The [Iranian] fact sheet urges operation of 10,000 centrifuge machines at Natanz and Fordow, a maximum five-year-long duration for the deal and for Iran’s nuclear limitations, [and] replacement of the current centrifuges with the latest generation of home-made centrifuge machines at the end of the five-year period,” the Fars News Agency reported on Wednesday.

“The Iranian parliament fact sheet for a revision to the Lausanne agreement came after the US released a fact sheet different from the joint statement issued by Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and Federica Mogherini, the high representative of the European Union for foreign affairs,” the Iranian version said.

According to the American document, Tehran agreed to reduce the number of installed uranium enrichment centrifuges it has to 6,104 from 19,000, and for 10 years will only operate 5,060 under the future final agreement with the six powers.

The Iranian fact sheet also said that once the final agreement is signed, there must be an immediate end to all US and EU sanctions and to UN Security Council resolutions.

However, the US fact sheet says that Iran would only gradually receive relief from US and European Union sanctions as it demonstrates compliance with the future agreement.

The US version also states that UN Security Council resolutions on Iran’s nuclear file would only be lifted after Iran has fully addressed all nuclear concerns.

Moreover, in place of the US claim that Iran agreed to limit its uranium enrichment to 3.67 percent for 15 years, the Iranian fact sheet says that after only five years, enrichment would continue at below 5%.
What could be worse than a bad agreement? A bad agreement that's an ongoing work in which no one can agree on what was agreed.

What could go wrong? 

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At 4:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

um, it says "the Iranian parliament fact sheet for a *revision* to the Lausanne agreement" etc. -- the Iranians are not so much disputing what was agreed according to this item (other news has that too) but back tracking on commitments perhaps made but never written down. Obama at the end of the day is untroubled because a nuked up Iran isn't important to him--a partitioned Israel w/clipped wings is.


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