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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

What Iran is doing with all that money Obama freed by saying he'd remove sanctions

If you're wondering what Iran is doing with all the money that's being freed as a result of US President Hussein Obama saying he'd remove sanctions, I'm sure you won't be surprised by the answer (Hat Tip: Melanie Phillips).
According to a Channel 2 report Monday, Israel has observed an increase in Iran weapons shipments to Hezbollah members — in Lebanon and on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights. Iran had also sent weaponry to Hamas rulers in Gaza and was even attempting to arm Hamas members in the West Bank, the report said.
“Israel warns: Iran is acting in recent days and weeks to prepare and arm Hezbollah for conflict with Israel, on a large scale,” Channel 2’s diplomatic correspondent Udi Segal tweeted later Monday.
The TV report said Israel was alarmed that the sanctions relief Iran would enjoy if it reaches a deal on its nuclear program would free up “billions of dollars” for further such weapons shipments, and for Iranian support for terrorism. The TV report said the officials added that it was “hard to see” how the deal, so firmly backed by the US, could help the interests of Israel and other US allies.

Maybe that's exactly what Obama had in mind by Iran 'rejoining the family of nations.'

And maybe this is somehow connected.

What could go wrong?

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