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Sunday, December 28, 2014

The 'Palestinian' contribution to world peace

The 'Palestinians' are contributing to world peace by teaching everyone how to stab police officers, just like they did in Jerusalem on Friday.
The step-by-step video, titled “How to stab correctly,” was circulated on YouTube and its links were shared with the Facebook and Twitter groups of Palestinian organizations and activists in East Jerusalem, the Hebrew news site NRG reported Saturday.
The 72-second clip comes in the wake of a number of stabbing attacks throughout Israel and the West Bank. Most recently, two border policemen were injured when an assailant attacked them in the Old City of Jerusalem Friday morning.
Here's video of Friday's stabbing in Jerusalem. Let's go to the videotape. 

More on Friday's stabbing here. And here's more about the 'instructional video.'
The video, set to an industrial metal track, depicts two masked men — one holding a knife and the other playing the victim — and demonstrates how to achieve maximum damage in target areas such as the neck, abdomen and heart. The video depicts a number of different techniques and situational circumstances, including how a would-be attacker could stab someone and walk away.
The clip comes to with the text “What are you waiting for / Rise up and stab.”
NRG reported that the clip was created by the Hamas terror group, which frequently creates videos that promote its ideology and attempt to intimidate the Israeli public. The terrorist group disseminated a Hebrew-language music video this summer in the lead-up to the war in Gaza that boasted of successes against IDF soldiers and attacks against the Israeli populace.
Yeah, sure. Let's blame Hamas and pretend that the 'Palestinian Authority' doesn't support and do the same things. What could go wrong?

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