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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Islamic State claims to have kidnapped Canadian Israeli UPDATED

The Islamic State terror group claims to have kidnapped 31-year old Jill Rosenberg, a Canadian immigrant to Israel who recently traveled to Irbil to join the Kurdish resistance. This is from the second link - a report that is nearly three weeks old.
Rosenberg was born and raised in the Canadian province of British Columbia, while preparing for career pilots of civil aviation. However, in 2006, she left everything behind and immigrated from Canada to Israel, and a short time later was drafted into the ranks of the IDF. Rosenberg has served two years as a soldier of emergency services in the home front Command.
In 2009, Rosenberg was arrested in a joint operation by the FBI and the police of Israel: 12 people, including her, were accused of fraudulently obtaining $ 25 million from older Americans. Members of the criminal group called themselves the representatives of the lottery were sent to the old congratulatory bouquets and gifts to gain their trust, and then asked to pay a Deposit before receiving the main prize".
On request of the American side Rosenberg was extradited to the United States. On the court she expressed remorse for his actions and told the judge, among other things, that "all the time was looking for a better job and even tried to enter the Mossad". The Federal court in new York sentenced her to four years in prison, but, in all probability, it was released earlier this term and deported to Israel.
Some time ago, Rosenberg was established through the social network contact with the Kurdish resistance and decided that its military and aviation experience for them would be a great help. To reach Kurdistan was easy: November 2, Jill arrived at the airport of Amman in Jordan, and the next morning landed at the airport of Irbil, the Kurdish capital.
In a telephone conversation with the journalist of radio Rosenberg said: "the Kurds just like the Jews - they are good people, they love life as we are." She told me that now is training and familiarization with the terrain and soon expects to be in a combat zone, which still 3000 km
There are more pictures of Rosenberg here (link in Russian). 

There is no independent confirmation of this story. We can only hope and pray for the sake of a fellow Jew that it is not true.


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