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Saturday, November 29, 2014

The BDS terrorists' new photoshop - UPDATED

Shavua Tov, a good week to everyone.

The BDS terrorists have been spreading the image above around the internet. The Algemeiner reports:
The picture, posted by a page named “I Acknowledge Apartheid Exists”, shows skeletal survivors holding up signs that read “Israel Assassins,” “Break the Silence on Gaza,” “Stop the Holocaust in Gaza” and “Stop US Aid to Israel.” A sign in the far back of the image says Gaza is “the world’s biggest concentration camp,” while another poster shows a Palestinian flag along with the words “Free Palestine.”
A slogan at the bottom of the offensive image reads, “Whatever happened to ‘never again?’”
The Facebook page, which boasts over 91,000 members, captioned the post “Viva Palestine.” At the time of publication, the picture has been “liked” by 307 users and “shared” on the social media site by 110 users, including the Central NY Committee for Justice in Palestine.
Many Facebook users expressed disgust over the image, calling it “inappropriate,” “shameful” and asking for the picture to be taken down. One user said, “I find this really disturbing. It’s not a case of ‘not getting it’. How can exploiting and image of other people’s suffering be an acceptable thing to do? Is that not what we’re supposed to be against??”
Don't bother to write to Facebook about this. They won't take the page down anyway.


It turns out that this story was originally reported by Legal Insurrection around the time the Sabbath was starting in Israel. 

I suppose that anyone who has been to the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam cannot be too surprised by Holocaust images being used to induce people to hate Israel. (That was already going on in 1980 when I was there). 

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