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Friday, September 12, 2014

Obama's great fix of US relations with the Arab Muslim world

When President Hussein Obama came to power in 2009, he promised to 'fix' US relations with the Arab world, which he claimed were fraught with tension due to the actions of the Bush administration (who else?). Obama has done a great job of it.

The 'Palestinian Authority's official daily attacked President Obama this week, claiming that Obama's so-called 'support' for Israel's Gaza operation is 'compensation for what happened to the blacks' in previous centuries.
Official publication Al-Hayat Al-Jadida printed an editorial from Ibrahim Abd Al-Majid claiming Obama, as a "black president," has committed "crimes [that] have surpassed those of all the white presidents." 
Palestinian Media Watch translated excerpts, below, into English:
Israel has found an opportunity to start [its] ethnic cleansing [in Gaza],because the Arabs are [currently] busy with what is going on in their countries - as in Iraq IS (Islamic State) expelled the Christians and nobody in the [entire] world objected... There is something unclear about the US position. Of course, it is [the US] that stands behind these [radical] factions who call themselves Islamic and are wreaking destruction in the Arab world,and that allows Israel to declare [itself] a Jewish state; yet, [Israel's] war crimes and crimes against humanity meet with no response from the US... Since the beginning of the Israeli operations, Obama has not said a word... I could find no other explanation for [Obama's] position and for US policy other than that he is a sadist from the times when the whites persecuted the blacks. He is now behaving with the same sadism that was practiced against him in the past. All the massacres of blacks in Africa and America in the 18th and 19th centuries, all the manifestations of racist discrimination that were so widespread in the US even up to the 1970s - this man sees all of these repulsive scenes in Gaza, and is happy, [seeing this] as compensation for what happened to the blacks and as an attempt to repress it, and out of pride in the actions of a black president whose crimes have surpassed those of all the white presidents.
This is not the first time a PA daily has published comments smearing Obama.
But for the fact that there are millions of nut cases out there who actually believe this nonsense, it might even be comical.

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At 4:48 AM, Blogger ais cotten19 said...

I'm sure Obama would love to remind them how he threatened to withhold Hellfire missiles if Bibi didn't agree to the ceasefire, how he bolstered Hamas' benefactors with money and diplomatic recognition, trying to force Israel to negotiate with Qatar/Turkey on Hamas' terms, or how he instructed the IRS to punish pro-Israel groups. I'm sure he'd love to remind them of all his great exploits against Israel, but, oh too bad, that's not stuff he can actually admit to!


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