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Monday, August 04, 2014

US mediator Burns postpones trip seeking cease fire

United States Deputy Secretary of State William Burns, who was supposed to arrive in Cairo on Monday for negotiations on a cease fire between Israel and Hamas, has postponed his trip indefinitely.
Burns was supposed to arrive in Egypt on Monday to attend negotiations with hopes of ending the current violence in Gaza.
Representatives of Palestinian factions arrived in Cairo on Sunday and started talks with Egyptian officials to reach common ground about an Egytpian truce initiative proposed two weeks ago.
No Israeli official has arrived to participate in the negations, which Tel Aviv have called pointless on the grounds that it will not negotiate with Hamas.
American and Egyptian officials mediating the negotiations for a cease-fire in Gaza are pressing Israel to take part in diplomatic talks to end hostilities in Gaza, sources said earlier on Monday, adding that Egypt still hopes that Israel will eventually take part in the talks currently held in Cairo.
Given that Egypt has now had the Qatar-Turkey-Kerry initiative foisted on them, is anyone really surprised Israel isn't showing up? 

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