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Wednesday, August 06, 2014

And again: We will cease and they will fire - Hamas refuses to extend cease fire past 8:00 am Friday - UPDATED

Israel has agreed to extend the 72-hour cease fire in Gaza, which is due to expire at 8:00 am on Friday. But Hamas' leadership wants to go back to their bunkers and fight to the last Gazan.
Reuters reports Wednesday night that the official did not give details about the extension, only that it had been agreed upon. 
"Israel has expressed its readiness to extend the truce under its current terms," the official merely stated, referring to the 72-hour "humanitarian ceasefire" brokered by Egypt overnight Monday/Tuesday. The ceasefire took effect at 8:00 am Tuesday and was accepted by both Israel and Hamas; it is due to expire Friday.
Israel has yet to officially confirm its extension of the ceasefire agreement. 
In the meantime, Hamas has rejected the idea of an extension entirely. 
"Israel and Hamas will resume fighting immediately at the end of the 72-hour ceasefire, at 8:00 am Friday," a Hamas spokesperson stated Wednesday night.
They really do want to get their own people killed. And morons like Ban Ki-Moon and Jimmy Carter keep encouraging them.


JPost with more details:
Hamas officials said they would not agree to extend the cease-fire without significant progress in negotiations conducted in Cairo, Channel 10 reported.

Hamas also threatened on Wednesday night to resume rocket attacks on Israel when the current cease-fire comes to an end on Friday at 8 a.m., according to the report

The cease-fire that went into effect on Tuesday has held thus far, allowing for the removal of safety restriction bans in Israel and a relative "return to normal."
The only way there will ever be quiet between us and Gaza is if Hamas is destroyed. They are all too willing to see their own constituents die to protect the Hamas leadership and terror apparatus. The side part is that there are a lot of Gazans - too many - who are all too happy to become 'martyrs.'

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