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Wednesday, August 06, 2014

American peacekeeper shot in Sinai; Egypt kills three more terrorists

An American peacekeeper with the Sinai multinational observer force was shot and wounded on Monday by 'gunmen' (terrorists) (Hat Tip: David R).
A US soldier with the Multinational Force and Observers mission (MFO) in Egypt's Sinai was wounded when gunmen shot at his camp late Monday, a security official said.
The restive Sinai Peninsula has witnessed a surge in militant attacks since the army ousted Islamist President Mohamed Morsi in July 2013.
The security official said that the soldier was wounded in the arm and treated by medics inside the MFO camp, near the northern Sinai village of El-Joura.
Also on Monday night, three terrorists were killed by Egyptian forces and six more were taken captive. 
Military spokesperson Mohamed Samir said three terrorists were killed in an exchange of fire and six fugitives were arrested on Monday evening. 
He also said that an SUV and 16 motorcycles without license plates allegedly used by terrorist elements were destroyed.
Meanwhile, another military source said army operations continue in Sinai to combat terrorist elements and planes hover over different areas to scan their hiding places.
The source added that the armed forces would complete the destruction of all tunnels soon to prevent infiltration and smuggling.
But the Obama administration would rather have the Muslim Brotherhood in charge.... 

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