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Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Messiah thinks Israel can make peace with Hamas

US Secretary of State John FN Kerry still doesn't understand that his 'peace talks' failed because the most Israel can give still isn't enough for Fatah and because Fatah and Hamas share the same goals.

In a BBC interview on Tuesday night, Kerry called for the parties to use the 'cease fire' - the one that Israel made unilaterally from Tuesday morning - to resume negotiations over the 'two-state solution.'
Kerry’s remarks were made in an interview Tuesday with the BBC, in which he said the situation could concentrate minds on the need to negotiate a "two-state solution".
In the interview Kerry called for a "bigger, broader approach to the underlying solution of two states" that would provide security for Israel and “a better life and greater freedoms for the Palestinians”.
"I believe that the situation now that has evolved will concentrate people's minds on the need to get back to the negotiations and try and resolve the issues of the two states," he said.
Kerry also told the BBC in the interview that the U.S. fully supported Israel's right to defend itself against rocket attacks.
"No country can live with that condition and the United States stands squarely behind Israel's right to defend itself in those circumstances. Period," he declared.
He said that Hamas, which controls Gaza, had "behaved in an unbelievably shocking manner engaging in this activity and, yes, there has been horrible collateral damage as a result.”
Asked whether he supported the PA’s demands for a lifting of Israel's blockade of Gaza, Kerry replied, "What we want to do is support the Palestinians in their desire to improve their lives and to get food in and to open crossings and to reconstruct and have greater freedom."
But he said that had to come "with a greater responsibility towards Israel, which means giving up rockets.”
Kerry still doesn't get it. Hamas will not make peace with Israel. The 'Palestinian Authority' is not willing to do enough to make peace with Israel - certainly now that it includes Hamas. Because of Kerry's never-ending pressure on Israel (despite what's written above, Kerry supported Israel's right to defend itself in theory but not in practice), Kerry's dream of putting 'moderate' 'Palestinian' President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen in charge of Gaza isn't going to happen. And nothing else has changed since the 'peace talks' fell apart either. Obama and Kerry's less than whole-hearted support of Operation Protective Edge is not going to make anyone in this country feel all warm and fuzzy about doing to Judea and Samaria what we did to Gaza nine years ago today. It just isn't going to happen.

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