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Sunday, July 20, 2014

What was in the terror tunnels

In case you were wondering what was in the terror tunnels.
According to the senior military source, dozens of terrorists were killed overnight: "In the tunnels we found RPG missiles, explosive materials, tranquilizers, booby-trapped fighting measures, communication devices, and even mini-bunkers meant for attacks."
It's a miracle that there have been no kidnappings through these tunnels. They should have been closed long ago. 

In fact, the 'Palestinians' could have had bomb shelters for every civilians in Gaza
“For the amount of cement that they used to build their bunkers and underground tunnels, which you can drive trucks through, they could have made for every single person and every single house a bomb shelter,” says Alan Marcus, director of strategic planning for the city of Ashkelon, who initiated a sister-city partnership with the Gaza municipality during the 1990s, which has since fallen apart.
Hamas’s military wing, the Al Qassam Brigades, has a special “tunnels battalion” responsible for digging and building such tunnels. It’s very clandestine and even many Qassam commandos don’t know who belongs to it, according to an Al-Qassam member. Some have been killed by tunnel cave-ins as well as by Israeli airstrikes while underground.
Political analyst Mustafa Sawwaf says they serve not as safe havens but a key part of Hamas’s defense of civilians because of the tunnels’ utility in attacking Israel. 
“The resistance groups have built hundreds or maybe thousands of bunker and tunnels that are used … by the armed factions to stock up weapons and launch rockets,” says Mr. Sawwaf. “Tunnels and bunkers are war tactics that have proved great success during the ongoing and the previous offensives.”
Of course. In the thinking of Hamas and its defenders, it's much more important to kidnap Israelis than to protect Gazan civilians. In fact, Hamas' entire goal is to get Gazan civilians killed so that Israel will be blamed. 

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