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Monday, July 14, 2014

Not shocking at all

Over the weekend, anti-Israel rallies became anti-Semitic hatefests in Seattle and Boston. But while the Seattle article called it shocking, I find it anything but. Both Seattle and Boston are known as bastions of the Democratic party and the American Left - blue cities - in which the only way for a Republican to be elected dog catcher is to act like a Democrat. And acting like a Democrat these days pretty much requires being anti-Israel. Don't tell that to the 78% of American Jews who voted Obama not once, but twice.

The first link (Seattle) includes many pictures, and I urge all of you to have a look at it.
The truth was in short supply.  Many posters asserted that Israel had halted food and medicine to Gaza during the current Hamas provoked conflagration.
While supplying one’s enemy in a time of war seems to The Mike Report to border on insanity,  according to Ynet “Israel has allowed some 200 trucks to cross into the strip, including some 200,000 liters of fuel daily, in an attempt to prevent a humanitarian crisis in Gaza”. Israel continues to provide medical services to Gaza residents. “Over 20 Palestinians, including eight Gazan children were treated at Haifa’s Rambam Medical Center, as part of Israel’s longstanding cooperation with the Palestinian Authority”.
While you may have thought that  blood libel accusations are a relic of the past, in fact the slander was alive and well in downtown Seattle this past Saturday. The [above picture] depicts a Jew eating a gentile child along with a cup of blood to wash it all down.
[The sign in the picture] accuses Israel of Genocide “Genocide is not justice” and then promotes genocide  “From the River to the Sea Palestine will be free“. The river is the Jordan, the sea is the Mediterranean and the goal is a Jew free Middle East. 
Meanwhile, Boston, which I left a week ago tonight, was no better. This post also has many pictures and should be viewed by one and all.
A group of pro-Israel demonstrators were attacked and verbally and physically assaulted by anti-Israel extremists outside the Israeli consulate in Boston on Friday.
Anti-Israel groups, led by the radical Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), organized a demonstration outside the consulate against Operation Protective Edge - Israel's military operation to stamp out rocket fire from Gaza. In 2013 the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) anti-hate watchdog listed JVP as one of the top ten most active and influential anti-Israel groups in the US.
Upon hearing about the demo, a small group of about a dozen pro-Israel activists quickly mobilized for a counter-demonstration. But upon being spotted by the anti-Israel group things soon turned ugly.
In a video taken by staff inside the consulate, a roughly 100-strong crowd of anti-Zionists can be see swarming around the pro-Israel group.
Pro-Israel activists said demonstrators' chants included calls for Israel's destruction and the establishment of an Arab state in its stead ("From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free"), and that some hurled anti-Semitic insults like "Jesus-killers" at them.
But the abuse also turned physical.
Chloe Valdary, a senior at the University of New Orleans and founder of the Declare Your Freedom Initiative, is pressing charges after an attack by a female protester who told her that "Jews will go to hell Inshallah [G-d-willing in Arabic - ed.]" and then proceeded to physically assault her. (See video below)
Valdary, who is not Jewish, said she heard other demonstrators call for Jews to "burn in hell" and to "go back to the Dead Sea (sic)".
There is very little difference today between being anti-Israel and being an anti-Semite. Unless you're a Jew. there is no difference.

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