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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Meshaal: 'There will be no compromise'

Hamas politburo chief Khaled Meshaal gave a speech tonight. Not from Gaza of course.

Much of the speech is a disgusting mix of anti-Semitism and rage. But here are the parts that matter:

Resistance proved to be more moral than Netanyahu's army. We will never disarm. Resistance is a right

Resistance will only disarm on 2 conditions. 1) Israel to end all its occupation of Palestine 2) Israel has to disarm too.

People were displaced inside Gaza. No one will leave Gaza. Refugees will be coming back, and this war makes it sooner.

We don't use our people as human shields. Contrary is true. Israel failed to break the resistance and thus Netanyahu punishes civilians.

During this humanitarian disaster, I'm calling all the Human rights organizations to put pressure on Israel to stop its genocides.

We care for a humanitarian ceasefire we support like this week. But it should be real and give aid to people and not trick us.

Our main demand is to end the Israeli offensives against our people and to completely lift the siege.

My conclusion from Meshaal there is no eminent ceasefire because the Palestinian resistance conditions are not met.

Our demands are legitimate and we have provided them to everyone, we will not stop the fire before agreeing to our demands.

We have 6 conditions and you consider them too much? After so much blood? And after so much resilience?

We want the aggression to end now, but if you bet on our patience we can take it as long as it take to end the siege.

I wish I were in Gaza now.

6 demands. then unite to free Palestine, bring back the refugees, use all sorts of resistance, to free JErsalem. End collaboration.

Somea re talking about ending the siege AFTER the ceasefire. We tried that. We do not accept it now.

If Kerry wants to reach an agreement, I invite him to go to Gaza where decision making takes place and final word is not Ramallah.

Ban Ki-Moon should go to Gaza and see the crimes there!
It doesn't look like this is ending anytime soon. There is NO chance that Israel will lift the blockade as part of a cease fire arrangement, especially after what's been discovered in the last week.

As to him wishing he could be in Gaza... where does he wish to be? In the bunker under Shifa? Surely not fighting. That's for the small people. 

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At 6:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The man is a LIAR, and the world unfortunately will believe his lies.

However, this may guarantee that this war will continue indefinitely. In fact, there may be war in various forms unless Hamas is destroyed.


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