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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hamas set up sniper position in 10th floor of Red Cross building, sent paraglider to Malaysia for training

The Shin Bet - Israel's General Security Service (for you Americans, think the FBI and the Secret Service rolled into one) - has announced that it has interrogated a Gaza 'Palestinian' (arrested by the IDF) who admitted to training in Malaysia to carry out a paragliding attack against Israel, and to setting up a sniper position in the 10th floor of the Red Cross' Gaza City headquarters (pictured).
The terrorist was enlisted into Hamas in 2007, and underwent basic combat training; in 2013 he was recruited to an "advanced" commando unit of Ezzadine al-Kassam, in which he was drilled in the use of a wide variety weapons including pistols, M-16 and AK-47 assault rifles, RPGs, PKC heavy machine guns, and locally-produced hand grenades.
However, as far back as 2010, he had been enlisted into a special terrorist cell, along with 10 other Hamas operatives, who underwent a period of training for infiltration attacks, including parachuting courses.
Then, in 2014, the cell was sent for a final training assignment in Malaysia - to learn how to paraglide in preparation for a deadly infiltration into southern Israel.
He claimed that the plans were so secret that he had not yet even been informed of the precise location of the attack.
According to the Shabak, "from the details extracted during the suspect's interrogation it is apparent that Hamas invested an enormous effort in strengthening and building up its capabilities, within the context of which it built and trained a commando military force."
"Moreover, it was clear that Hamas had been preparing for an IDF operation in Gaza for quite some time - preparations which included building vast tunnel networks, planning combat operations against IDF forces and kidnappings of Israeli soldiers," the Shabak continued.
"Most intriguing of all, however, is that Hamas has been actively planning "high-quality," unique, and significant forms of terror against Israelis - such as infiltration through paragliding - all while receiving assistance and training in other countries (in this case, Malaysia)."
JPost adds:
The suspect joined Hamas in 2007, and became a part of its military wing, the Al-Kassam Brigades. His rise through the terrorist army in Gaza reveals the extent of training Hamas members undergo. He became proficient in the use of a Kalashnikov automatic rifle in varying shooting positions, and then joined Hamas's domestic guard force, where he served in night shifts.

The suspect then underwent additional training, mastering a heavy machine gun, as well as the use of locally produced hand grenades. In 2012, the Shin Bet said, he joined Hamas's reserves unit, which was tasked with special operations during wartime.

In 2013, he joined an elite Hamas cell, received a Kalashnikov to carry with him at all times, and later trained in the use of M-16s, RPG, and bombs. The suspect also underwent training in how to kidnap soldiers, and tunnel warfare. He was scheduled to train others in the same combat skills this month.

The suspect traveled to Malaysia in 2012, where he and nine other Hamas members learned how to fly a powered parachute. In Gaza, the cell underwent repeated training sessions on how to fly into Israel and carry out attacks, and were ordered by their Hamas commanders to keep their training top secret.

"Hamas has invested many resources in building up its power, including the building and training of a commando army," the Shin Bet. "It also prepared itself for ground combat with Israel, and constructed a network of tunnels designed to harm IDF soldiers and kidnap a soldier. In addition, Hamas planned significant and unique "quality" terror attacks, such as a flying into Israel on a powered parachute, while receiving assistance and training in other countries," it added.
All of which means that Operation Protective Edge was long overdue.

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