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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

16-year old Gazan 'I'll be bombed if I leave my home'

Buzzfeed posts a series of tweets from a 16-year old Gazan girl (apparently authentic) who is live-tweeting Operation Protective Edge from the ground. Among the tweets is this one:

'They' being Hamas, of course, which regards 16-year old girls as 'quality' human shields/terror victims.

BuzzFeed claims that she supports Hamas based on this tweet:

But given that she acknowledged (complained about?) this:

And given the first tweet I posted, could it be that she's afraid to say that she doesn't support Hamas just like she's afraid to step in the streets?


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At 3:24 AM, Blogger Loyal Opposition said...

What does being bombed have to do with having no shelters?

Alternative explanation: she is explaining that she feels safer from Israel's airstrikes in her house than outside ("step the street"), and she would not feel any safer in some other place ("shelter") in Gaza.

Remember, she isnt a native english speaker.


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