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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

And again: Hamas rocket arsenal found in UNRWA school

For the third time in the last two weeks, rockets have been found in a UNRWA school in Gaza (Hat Tip: Memeorandum).
The United Nations Relief & Works Agency For Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) announced Tuesday that another rocket stockpile has been found at one of its schools in Gaza. This instance marks the third time since the beginning of Operation Protective Edge that a weapons arsenal has been found at an UNRWA school in Gaza. 
UNRWA has yet to place blame on any individuals or organizations for placing the weapons stockpile within a children’s school. The UN body refused to do so on the past two previous occasions as well.
The UN body, after both previous findings, has handed the rockets it had found back into the possession of “the local police," otherwise known as the terrorist group Hamas.
This week, UNRWA supplies and building materials had been found in Hamas’s tunnel infrastructure, which has been used to smuggle weapons and carry out attacks on the State of Israel.
I'm shocked. Just totally shocked....

And here's a fact you might not have known.
UNRWA is currently the largest agency-subdivision of the entire UN, employing over 30,000 staff. 
It's long past time to disband UNRWA and to start treating 'Palestinian refugees' like every other refugee in the world. Starting with resettlement  in third countries.

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