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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Italian journalist: Hamas killed all those people in Shati yesterday

Recall this:

Israel Radio reporting IDF did attack Shati neighborhood in Gaza City. Hamas says ten killed and many wounded. Hamas claims most of dead are children.

There was a report of a building in Shifa Hospital being hit. The IDF denies that it attacked that building.

The significant attack was in Shati - 10 dead and 40 wounded. IDF also shooting east of Gaza City and east of Khan Yunis.

For Israel, the 'cease fire' today was premature. Hamas never accepted the cease fire and continued to shoot all day long. It was clear that this would not work.



The IDF says that the Shati 'attack' was also a Hamas rocket misfiring.  
An Italian journalist who has left Gaza has now confirmed the IDF's account.

Note how he makes clear that Hamas cannot retaliate against him any more. I wonder how many other journalists have been silenced by Hamas.

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