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Sunday, May 25, 2014

And again and again: Two (Three?) Jews stabbed in Paris, one in Djerba

Hours after four Jews, including two Israelis, were murdered at the Brussels Jewish museum, two or three more Jews were stabbed outside a Paris synagogue. It is also now being reported that another Jew was attacked by a Muslim mob on the island of Djerba in Tunisia on Thursday.

This is from the third link.
The two men, brothers in their 20s, were heading to an office located in Chaare Tsion Synaogue on Saturday night around 8:30 p.m. They were about 200 meters away from the synagogue when they noticed that they were being followed.
Shortly after, one of the brothers was struck with a metal object. The object that attacked the second brother was not identified.
The attackers fled on foot and by bike.
The victims suffered multiple contusions, but not life-threatening injuries. They were taken to Henri Mondor Hospital in Créteil.
The French minister of interior, Bernard Cazeneuve, announced on Sunday in a statement that he condemns the act "with the utmost severity." He instructed all neighborhoods to immediately increase security related to protecting the Jewish community.
I believe that 8:30 pm is still daylight in Paris in May. That means that - like the Brussels attack - it was awfully brazen.

Arutz Sheva adds:
Two Jewish men were attacked outside Paris Saturday night, French Interior Minister Bernard Caseneuve announced Sunday, as they were leaving a Creteil synagogue. 
Caseneuve ordered police around France to increase security at Jewish houses of worship and other Jewish establishments, the Ministry stated. He condemned the attacked with "utmost severity." 
Very few details are available on the attack. Sources told Israeli small-time news site 0404 Sunday morning that three French Jews were attacked - not two - and identified them as the synagogue's treasurer and his two sons. All three have been hospitalized, according to the report.
Meanwhile, in Djerba, another Jew barely escaped with his life from a Muslim mob on Thursday. 
Masked Muslims entered the main market in Djerba on Thursday, and stabbed Gabriel Ozen, 38, a Jewish jeweler and father of four.
Passerby stated that the assailants yelled, "the nation of Mohammed is coming back to take revenge" shortly before the attack. 
Ozen fought the Muslim attacker, but was still stabbed in the chest, authorities said. He was rushed to intensive care in local hospital and is in serious, but stable, condition. 
According to local media reports, merchants on the scene were able to apprehend the perpetrator and turn him in to local police. Justice will not be served, however; more than a hundred masked men surrounded the police station and threatened to burn it down if the terrorist was prosecuted.
The police released the assailant immediately. 
This is the second anti-Semitic attack in Tunisia this month. Muslim terrorists attacked Morris Bachiri, a Jewish merchant from El Hara El Kabira, on Passover Eve; Bachiri suffered minor injuries. 
They want us all to move to Israel so that they may murder us more efficiently. May their names and memories be wiped out. 

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