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Sunday, May 25, 2014

US 'changing its position' on Hamas-Fatah unity deal?

You didn't really think that a little thing like a pact with the devil was going to stop President Hussein Obama from talking to the 'Palestinians' did you?
Abu Marzouk also revealed that Hamas recently held talks with the European Union (EU) and an unofficial American representative.
Hamas officials "sensed a change in the American position," he said - hinting that the US is becoming more open to the idea of a Hamas-led "unity" Palestinian Arab government. A senior US administration official had said last month that the United States would have to reconsider its assistance to PA if Fatah and Hamas form a government together.
Hamas officials, meanwhile, continue to debate over how the unity pact will affect the "struggle against the Occupation." Abu Marzouk stated that "there is a need to diversify" Hamas's approach to the "Palestinian problem," but Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh disagrees.
Haniyeh stressed over the weekend that an armed struggle is the only relevant answer to establishing a Palestinian Arab state.
"Reconciliation comes only to strengthen and maintain the armed struggle to deter the ongoing occupation, and the crimes that harm our people," Haniyeh claimed, in a speech Saturday to a Gaza mosque. He reiterated Hamas's commitment to "restore the liberation of Jerusalem from the taint of occupation."
What could go wrong? 

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