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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

It starts: Jews in Donetsk forced to 'register'

The tweet above was sent to me with the explanatory email below (I cleaned up some of the English spelling).
I want to spread this to as many people as posible, this picture was uploaded by Novosti Donbassa (Donbass News) news agency on twitter

They say that this papers were given to people near Synagouge in Donetsk (Which is right now self proclaimed "republic")

Basically its a call to Jews to come and register their religion and property at the citie's offices, (for a 50USD cash payment).
It says because the Ukrainian Jewish leadership supports the "Bandera's Junta" and hostile towards Pravoslav Republic of Donetsk and its people (The key word here is 'Pravoslav', its Russian Christian orthodoxy), everyone who lives on territory of Donetsk and older then 16 years old, should register before May 3 (there is address in there its city hall or town hall, i have no idea what some short abbreviation words mean, it says 'Donetsk ODA building'' i think its like regional government building or something).
you must bring papers for property that you own, business, cars, houses and the such.
If you fail to register before may 3, you will be deported and your property confiscated

P.S. I believe that its real, the situation in Ukraine is complicated and the way its reported in Israel is one sided and fake, Russia has lots of influence here and Ukraine not (also we Jews are easily manipulated, if you remind the Holocaust then we turn blind and belie everything we hears if someone is named a Nazi and Jew hater), so Ukraine is painted like some Nazi gitler gestapo banana republic with Nazi zombies killing people and Russia like some savior, which in reality is the other way around.
As a matter of fact the Jewish leadership support the revolution and the people, they said what happened in the past (some light racist remarks by some leaders of the right wing parties) stay in the past.

Also here is some example that I'm sure you never heard of, 2 days after Russian "green men" entered and spread over Crimea a Synagogue was painted with graffiti (no issues before that), when Crimea "voted" to join Russia the chief rabbi of Crimea and his family moved to Kiev and said that if the situation stays as it is he will never go back.

The leadership of the Right sector tries to stop anti semitic remarks by the lower ranks (if they happen) and people are thrown out of the party if they did something like saying 'HH' or antisemitic remarks.
They organized some cleaning duty to help remove graffiti from Synagogue and so on.

The new Russian leader of the Crimea is ACTUAL Nazi, and i mean as in real unlike the right sector which is no different then our rightist parties.
So he was in Slyvyanski Sojuz (Slavic Union) which after collapse of the USSR was a BIG Nazi (they changed the symbol to some Slavic symbol and the ideology was on Slavic superiority, otherwise no different from Nazi and same hand gesture and same mentality that we own everything and steal everything and poor Slavic people work for the "Jid" (Jid means kike a curse name for Jews in Russian, sadly its how you say Jew in Polish and i think Ukrainian too as in real word not curse) party in Russia, they had uniforms, they marched with weapons, organized camps summer for teenagers. (If you interested in researching it further and writing and article how Crimea is ruled by "ex-Slavic Union" Nazi i can provide photographic evidence of him in uniform and other people. )
I will update as I can. As many of you will recall, I was in Kiev a few months ago. Wish I had taken the phone number of the guy who lives here who travels back and forth.

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At 7:05 PM, Blogger Uno+ said...

Sorry but this is a fake, hoax

At 7:06 PM, Blogger Uno+ said...

Sorry but this is a fake, hoax


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