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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Senior police officer murdered on way to seder

Moadim l'simcha, a good holiday to all of you. Since I live in and am in Israel, I only have one holiday day, and therefore I may be online tonight.

A senior Israeli police officer was murdered and his wife was moderately to seriously wounded when 'Palestinian' terrorists opened fire on their car near Hebron shortly before the holiday started on Monday evening.
Chief Superintendent Baruch Mizrahi Hy''d, a husband and father of five, is the man who was murdered near Hevron on Monday by terrorists right before Passover began.
Mizrahi was driving to Kiryat Arba for a seder meal with his pregnant wife and three of his children when a terrorist opened fire on the family car, killing him and leaving his wife moderately to severely wounded. 
The superintendent was born in 1967 in Tel Aviv, was raised in Bat Yam on the coast, and has lived for the past 15 years in Modi'in with his family.
In his last role, which he has held for the last three years, Mizrahi served as head of the Technology Division in the Sigint Unit, part of the Intelligence Brigade in the Investigations and Intelligence Branch.
Mizrahi served in the IDF for 25 years, including many years as a professional soldier, in which he filled many operational and technology oriented roles. The last position he held was as Lieutenant Colonel in Intelligence Unit 8200.
8200 is the high tech unit that has spawned much of Israel's high tech industry. May God Avenge his blood. 

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