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Monday, April 21, 2014

And the Holy One Blessed Be He Saves us from their hands

A Gutten Zummer, a good summer to everyone. And a reminder that I am allowed to be online because in Israel there is only one holiday day for Israelis and I fit both of those qualifications.

A rocket from Gaza - one of seven shot during the course of the day on Monday - exploded next to a crowded Sderot synagogue. Miraculously, no one was hurt.
Two of the rockets landed in Sderot, which lies on the border with the Hamas-controlled territory, as hundreds of worshippers were gathered for the final day of the Jewish festival of Pesach (Passover).
Miraculously, however, no one was hurt, although police said in a statement that a road in a residential neighborhood was damaged.
Israel responded Monday by eliminating "two terror activity sites in the southern Gaza Strip and a third site in the central Gaza Strip, in response to the latest severe aggression emanating from Gaza," according to an IDF statement. "Direct hits were confirmed." Pictures confirm that at least one of the strikes was in or near Rafah. 
Sources in Gaza also claimed that the Israeli Navy had eliminated targets near Khan Younis, but the report remains unconfirmed. 
The IDF also stated that Hamas fired an anti-tank missile at IDF patrols near the border fence earlier Monday. The missile caused no injuries or damage.
Just some more 'harmless' rockets that we're expected to take in order to keep the 'peace process' going. /sarc

JPost adds:
Reuters cited medical sources in Gaza as saying Israel's retaliatory strike had left two Hamas militants lightly wounded.
“Israeli civilians celebrating the Passover Holiday woke up this morning to the sound of Code-Red alarms and rockets. It is our obligation to seek out and target those who wish to attack our civilians and soldiers and to eliminate their capabilities. Hamas rocket terrorism is an intolerable reality Israelis should not have to accept," IDF Spokesman Lt.-Col. Peter Lerner said in a statement.
According to the IDF, 100 rockets fired from Gaza have hit southern Israel since the beginning of 2014.
 But 'peace' is at hand..... What could go wrong?

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