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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Abu Bluff threatens to dissolve 'Palestinian Authority'; Bennett: Go right ahead

Moderate' 'Palestinian' President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen is threatening to dissolve the 'Palestinian Authority' when and if the 'peace talks' finally collapse. And Economics Minister Naftali Bennett is daring him to go ahead and do it. This is from the third link.
Palestinian sources confirm that the government in Ramallah was considering the unprecedented move. Senior sources in the IDF's Central Command, who recently met with the heads of the Palestinian security services confirmed their West Bank counterparts were sincerely debating dismantling and disarming the PA's forces.

"A new generation arrives and asks us: 'What have you done?' I am now 79 years old, I cannot escape from passing off the flag," said Abbas during a weekend interview with Egyptian newspaper Al-Masry Al-Youm.

"The settlements endanger the peace process, and the new generation sees the two-state solution is becoming less and less likely, and that there is no escape from the one-state solution."

Behind the scenes, the PA has concocted a plan to gravely complicate matters for Israel – a declaration that the Palestinians are an "occupied government."

Such a move would annul the Oslo Accords and revoke the status of the PA as a sovereign authority, leaving Israel with full responsibility of the Palestinian population in the West Bank.
If the plan proceeds, the Palestinian leaders will their official authority, but settlements will be significantly more vulnerable to litigation in international courts.
Officials in the Israeli administration have been informed of the dramatic threat, according to Palestinian sources. With the deadline for the end of the agreed-upon frame for the negotiations looming, the Palestinian Central Council will convene Saturday for a special conference.
"The proposal may be discussed at the conference, but it is not clear it will pass," said Palestinian sources.
And from the fourth link....
“Abu Mazen (Abbas’ nom de guerre) encourages terrorism against Israel as the head of the Palestinian Authority, and then he threatens us with his resignation,” Bennett, who heads the pro-settler Bayit Yehudi party, said on Sunday.
“If he wants to go, we won’t stop him,” the minister said. “The Jewish people do not negotiate with a gun held against their temple.”
Let them disband the 'Palestinian Authority.' It will cause a flight of any 'Palestinian' who is able to leave. And a good riddance to all of them. 

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