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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Livni's dream world

87% of Israelis (not Israeli Jews, but Israelis) don't believe that the current round of 'talks' will lead to a 'peace agreement,' but don't let that stop Tzipi Livni from dreaming.
The Justice Minister and Israel's representative to the peace talks was asked Saturday on Channel 2's Meet the Press what she thought about the channel's poll that found that 87 percent of Israelis think that a peace agreement with the Palestinians would not result from the current round of talks. 
"A leader's role is to shape reality and not be influenced by polls. When the framework agreement for continuation of talks is put on the table the public will support it," Livni said.
Well, maybe. But given that less than 5% of Israelis voted for her, where does she get the gall to arrogate to herself the right to shape reality?
The Channel 2 poll, conducted by Shiluv-Millward-Brown, also found that: 63% of Israelis oppose east Jerusalem handovers to the Palestinians under a future peace accord; 77% want Palestinians to recognize the Jewish state as a condition for peacemaking, and 27% think US Secretary of State John Kerry is a fair peace broker. 
That's pretty stark, especially when you consider that Channel 2 is extremely Leftist and probably did everything in their power to have that poll come out differently.  Maybe the government should listen?

But no, despite the overwhelming opposition to what's going on, Livni thinks she can shove her suicidal 'peace agreement' down our collective throats. She's dreaming.

What could go wrong?

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At 6:08 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

"where does she get the gall to arrogate to herself the right to shape reality?"

- From Netanyahu's appointment.

"given that less than 5% of Israelis voted for her"

What about the Likud voters?
Well, i shouldnt say that since Likud voters may have been voting for Feiglin and Danon.

i am shocked that so few Israelis see Kerry as a fair broker. For example what report have we seen that hasnt leaned towards Israel's position 80%? When has Kerry caved in to a single 'Palestinian' demand? (not counting the terrorist release which was decided on before the negotiations began.) I know that the Israeli opinions on these sorts of stuff is usually reliable, but I admit that this time I can't understand it.


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