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Sunday, October 06, 2013

'Palestinian Authority' glorifies terror attack on 9-year old girl

In a post on Sunday, the official Facebook page of Fatah, the terror organization headed by 'moderate' 'Palestinian' President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen, glorified a terror attack in which a 9-year old girl was shot by a 'Palestinian' in Psagot on Saturday night. This is from the first link.
After a nine-year-old girl was shot in the Israeli town of Psagot in the West Bank yesterday, the administrator of an official Fatah Facebook page praised the terrorist shooter. He related the attack to a sniper attack that killed an Israeli soldier in Hebron two weeks ago. Writing on behalf of Fatah, the page administrator praised "the sniper of Palestine" who began his work in Hebron (the shooting of the soldier), passed through El-Bireh (the shooting of the girl), and - according to the Fatah Facebook page administrator - will continue in more places in the future:
"The sniper of Palestine was here. He saluted Hebron, and rested in El-Bireh. He left the signature of [real] men in different parts of the homeland. He saluted and left, and moved on to a different place, with a new signature, as he tells the stories of those who love the homeland."
But the 'peace talks' will go on, because Obama demands that they continue, and Netanyahu has the backbone of a pretzel soaked in warm water overnight.

The Commentator adds:
While child abuse is a major issue these days in Western countries, the slaughter of a little girl has passed without comment across the Western media.
However, Israel's Cabinet views the incident and others like it as a major obstacale to any peace agreement brokered by US Secretary of State John Kerry. According to the Israeli newspaper Maariv, a Cabinet statement read:
"We do not content ourselves with the fact that our staunch security policies have made this the most quiet year in a decade in terms of terrorist attacks. First of all, we detect an increase in terror attacks recently, and I must say that as long as incitement continues in the Palestinian media, the [Palestinian] Authority cannot evade responsibility for these incidents."
Regardless of the rights and wrongs of the issue, analysts say it remains important to understand the Israeli approach to the Palestinian Authority.
The girl was shot in the Israeli West Bank town of Psagot. Israel supportive groups suggest that if an Israeli soldier had shot a 9 year old Palestinian girl it would be headline news across the Western world.
Israel's cabinet is as spineless as its 'leader.' If they had any self-respect, Israel's government would walk out of the 'talks.' But they won't. Not over this incident and not over any other incident, God forbid. 

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