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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hamas bans terrorist release celebrations

Hamas has banned in Gaza any celebration of Tuesday night's terrorist release, presumably not wanting to recognize the 'achievement' of  'moderate' 'Palestinian' President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen. This is from the first link.
Though the majority of the 26 Palestinian prisoners released on Tuesday night were transferred to Gaza Strip, the biggest celebrations were expected in Ramallah. Analysts believe that Hamas, which has ruled the Gaza Strip since 2007, seeks to minimize the achievement marked by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. 
Hamas... ignored the celebratory atmosphere in Ramallah, banning citizens from organizing celebrations despite the two Hamas operatives who were among the 26 prisoners released on Tuesday. While activists organized a festive tent in Khan Younis to celebrate the first phase of the deal, Hamas ordered it taken down, in addition to banning placards, posters or other printed material celebrating the event. The administration seized banners from families celebrating the return of their relatives to the Gaza Strip.
The Hamas Interior Ministry denied reports that it had banned celebrations, saying an official team had been formed to organize a welcome for the returning Palestinians.
Meanwhile, Housing and Construction Minister Uri Ariel (Jewish Home) complained that the government lied to Israelis (what a shock!) by releasing terrorists who murdered after Oslo was signed.
Ariel called for the government to stop the prisoner release, pointing out that several of the terrorist attacks they perpetrated took place after the Oslo Accords were signed on September 9, 1993.

“In the ministers’ meeting, we were told that all the terrorists being released this week only murdered before the Oslo Accords, but it turns out that this isn’t true,” Ariel stated. “I demand that the prisoner release be stopped and brought back to a government vote.”

Some of the victims of terrorists being released Tuesday night that were killed after the Oslo Accords were signed are Isaac Rottenberg, murdered on March 29, 1994, David and Chaim Weizman, murdered on December 31, 1993 and Moshe Becker, murdered on January 21, 1994.
Back in the '90's, the 'Palestinians' insisted on the release of terrorists who murdered before Oslo, and the government agreed because, after all, now we were going to have 'peace' and these people were essentially 'prisoners of war.'


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