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Monday, August 12, 2013

Abu Bluff whines to Indyk

'Moderate' 'Palestinian' President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen is getting 26 murdering terrorists released this week, but he still found time to whine to US 'peace envoy' Martin Indyk over Israel's construction of 1,187 new Jewish homes, mostly in 'east' Jerusalem.
PA officials accused Israel of deliberately trying to torpedo the talks by issuing tenders for construction of 793 new homes in Gilo, Har Homa and Pisgat Ze'ev in Jerusalem, and another 394 units in Ariel, Efrat, Ma'ale Adumim and Betar Illit. But Israeli officials noted that the announcement came on the day the government's ministerial committee went through the gut wrenching process of selecting which 26 terrorists to be released as part of the renewed diplomatic process.
"That decision, above all else, shows the seriousness with which we approach the current peace efforts," a senior official in the Prime Minister's Office said. "Saying that this construction negatively affects the map of peace is simply not serious." Nevertheless, PA negotiator Mohamed Shtayyeh, who is also a senior Fatah official, accused Israel of seeking to sabotage the two-state solution by proceeding with the plans. He said this proved that Israel was "not serious" about the negotiations, and urged the US to work toward halting the plans.
US special envoy Martin Indyk met in Ramallah Sunday with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to discuss developments prior to the scheduled start of the talks Wednesday in Jerusalem. A meeting Indyk scheduled for Monday with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyhau was cancelled because of the premier's emergency hernia operation. He did, however, meet Sunday night with President Shimon Peres.
Even as Indyk was meeting Abbas, PLO Executive Committee member Hanan Ashrawi said there was "no need for negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians because the Israelis are deliberately dealing one blow after the other to the international community and the US Administration" She charged that Israel alone bore responsibility for openly defying the the will of the international community and efforts to revive the peace process.
Yeah, right. We're trying to sabotage the 'peace process' by releasing murderers whom the 'Palestinians' regard as heroes. Even our government isn't that stupid.

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