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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Obama: American allies cannot win, and if they try, they’ll just make the Islamists angrier

Barry Rubin has discovered the thinking behind President Obama's support for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the Nusra Front in Syria and Hamas in Gaza. Obama believes that the United States must betray its allies by surrendering to Islam or it faces disaster.
The Obama administration has called on Egyptian leaders to pursue “a transparent political process that is inclusive of all parties and groups,” including “avoiding any arbitrary arrests of Mursi and his supporters.” Bernadette Meehan, a spokeswoman for the National Security Council, said this on July 4 in a statement.
I don’t recall such a statement ever being made in criticism of the Mursi regime.
According to Bloomberg News:
Two U.S. officials who asked not to be identified commenting on [Obama's] private communications said the administration is concerned that some in the military may want to provoke the violence and provide a rationale for crushing the movement once and for all.
Then, the critical statement that explains Obama’s Middle East policy. Pay close attention:
Such a move would fail and probably prompt a shift to al-Qaeda-type terrorist tactics by extremists in the Islamist movement in Egypt and elsewhere, the U.S. officials said.
What is this statement implying? Remember this is a White House policy statement. It clearly notes that the White House believes that if the Muslim Brotherhood or perhaps the Salafists are denied power in Muslim-majority countries, they cannot be defeated, and further, will be radicalized to pursue September 11-style attacks on America.
In other words, the United States must surrender and betray its allies or else it faces disaster.
This is called surrender and appeasement. And, besides, such a move would fail.
But: we now have a public statement describing a coherent Obama policy. Inquire no more, this is it.
This is why, for example, Obama wants the Turkish and Egyptian armies to accept an Islamist regime, why he is for Syria getting one too, and why he wants Israel to accept whatever risks and to make whatever concessions are required to end the conflict right away no matter what the consequences. (Though American officials say that the demographic issue — which is simply nonsense — means that Israel better make the best deal possible now.)
American allies cannot win, and if they try, they’ll just make the Islamists angrier.
The White House, it is forgotten now, even wanted to overthrow the pro-American regime in Bahrain, and might have helped them replace it if the Saudis hadn’t stopped them.
I am not joking. I wish I were.
Read the whole thing. What could go wrong?

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