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Friday, June 14, 2013

Who's opposed to blacklisting Hezbullah?

It seems that there are several European countries who are afraid to designate Hezbullah a terrorist organization. Some of them could even be counted among Israel's friends.
Poland and the Czech Republic expressed “reservations” about blacklisting Hezbollah at a discussion in Brussels earlier this month, JTA has learned.
Both Poland and the Czech Republic are considered more supportive of Israel than Western European nations that supported blacklisting Hezbollah, the source said.


Joining Poland and the Czech Republic — both traditional Israeli allies in Europe — was Finland, the source said. The Wall Street Journal has also reported that Austria is opposed, while The Jerusalem Post, quoting unnamed Israeli officials, reported that Ireland was also against. The Irish embassy declined to comment .
On the other hand, some countries that we thought were opposed to designating Hezbullah are now said to be in favor. 
Denmark, Sweden, Germany and France support blacklisting Hezbollah, the source said. It has long been believed that France was blocking such a move out of concern that it would diminish European influence in Lebanon, a former French colony.
Decisions in the EU are made by consensus. I find it hard to believe they're going to get one on this.

What could go wrong?

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