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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer camp, 'Palestinian' style

This is what summer camp is like in Gaza, where children as young as 6 learn military discipline and how to kidnap Israel soldiers.
Youths aged between six and 16 were seen taking part in a range of exercises, including one that simulated the capture of an Israeli soldier.

Elsewhere in the mock warzone in the town of Rafah, budding fighters crawled under barbed wire, jumped through fire and ducked for cover behind sandbags in the desert terrain.

Explosions and burning tyres helped to simulate realistic battle conditions, as boys were coached to flee from the enemy and shoot at targets. Bullets were fired overhead by their masked supervisors.

The boys were also pictured marching and standing to attention as orders were barked at them to instil military discipline.
Many more pictures here. Maybe someone should send them to Ban Ki-Moon. The 'Palestinians' are a totally sick society. At my kids' camps, what they really care about is how often they get to go swimming.

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