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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hamas to hang two 'collaborators' before the end of the month

Hamas plans to hang two 'Palestinians,' who have been convicted by Richard Goldstone's favorite court system of 'collaborating' with Israel, before the end of the month, and possibly as soon as next week.
The official said that the two men had been convicted by a Palestinian court of passing on to Israeli authorities information that led to the killing of Palestinians.
Salah Eddin Abu Sharkh, a senior official with the Hamas-run Ministry of Interior, confirmed that his government was planning to execute convicted "collaborators" in the near future.
He said that Hamas authorities recently arrested several Palestinians on suspicion of aiding Israeli authorities.
The arrests, he said, were carried out after a deadline offered by Hamas to suspected "collaborators" to hand themselves in expired.
The deadline, part of a campaign waged against "collaborators," was offered by the Hamas government on March 12, and expired on May 12. 
Those who handed themselves in were promised that their identities would not be disclosed. "Collaborators" who were not involved in killings were offered an amnesty.
How generous of them... 

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