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Thursday, June 20, 2013

It's come to this: 'Moderate' Fatah threatens Obama and Kerry

The leadership of the 'moderate' Fatah terror organization warned the United States on Wednesday not to pressure their leadership to return to the negotiating table with Israel without their conditions having been met.
PA President Mahmoud Abbas on Wednesday briefed members of the Fatah Central Committee on the latest developments surrounding Kerry's efforts.
Following the meeting the committee affirmed its opposition to "all forms of pressure on President Abbas and the Palestinian leadership."
A Fatah official who attended the meeting said that Abbas complained that the US Administration has been putting heavy pressure on him to return to the talks with Israel unconditionally.
The committee vowed its full and firm support for Abbas's demand for a cessation of settlement construction, the release of Palestinian prisoners from Israeli jails and Israeli recognition of the two-state solution on the basis of the pre-1967 lines before resuming the peace process.
The Fatah leaders called on Kerry to exert pressure on Israel to "fulfill its obligations" towards agreements signed with the Palestinians in order to resume a "meaningful" peace process.
They also condemned recent statements by Economics and Trade Minister Naftali Bennett, who said that the idea of creating a Palestinian state has come to a dead end.
The Fatah leaders warned that such positions could "completely close the door in the face of American efforts to resume the peace talks."
 Aren't you glad that the United States under Obama has learned its place? What could go wrong?

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