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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Border fences get results 99.9% of the time

Prime Minister Netanyahu posted to his website the astounding success rate of Israel's newly completed border fence on its border with Egypt (Hat Tip: Ricky G).
"The fence that we built in the south is achieving the result for which it was erected," Netanyahu said. "As opposed to the over 2,000 infiltrators who entered Israel exactly one year ago and dispersed to various cities, in May 2013 exactly two infiltrators crossed the border and were detained. Now we need to focus on repatriating the illegal infiltrators who are here, and we will meet this task as well."
The main, 144-mile section of the fence was completed in early 2013, according to a January report by the Wall Street Journal. It is sixteen feet high and includes "barbed wire, surveillance cameras and radar." By comparison, the U.S.-Mexico border is roughly 2,000 miles long, and only about a third is fenced off. The Israeli fence's construction was accelerated due to security concerns in the years since Egyptian autocrat Hosni Mubarak left power, leaving a vacuum eventually filled by a Muslim Brotherhood government.
If I were a drug dealer in Mexico, I'd be really happy that Obama is President of the United States and not Netanyahu....

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