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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Obama fools some Israelis

According to a poll taken just after he left, at least some Israelis were fooled by President Obama's visit.
The symbolic aspects, including his outreach to Israelis, seemed to have already reaped benefits: a Channel 2 survey found that 39% of the public said that their perceptions of Obama improved or improved greatly as a result of the visit; 34% said the visit did not change their perceptions; and only 2% said that their feelings toward the US president became more negative.
Regarding Israeli confidence that the US will not allow Iran to get nuclear arms, some 58% of the public said they believe or believe strongly that Obama will not let Iran to go nuclear, while 38% did not believe he will keep Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.
Yeah, right....

US Secretary of State John FN Kerry remains in Israel to try to find common ground to restart 'peace talks' with the 'Palestinians,' meeting with Netanyahu and his 'minister in charge of negotiations' Tzipi Livni.... What could go wrong?

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At 2:03 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

Reminder to Israel... the Obama Posse, including Hillary2016, has armed up multiple sides of a drug cartel street war, now incorporating Hezbollah, resulting in over 70k deaths. Obama's supporters have no problem with this, and everybody else is hiding silently in the closet behind the coats. So, if Israelis are being "fooled" by this guy Obama's honey words, I question your instinct for self-preservation. Here's what we see on twitter:

Oren Kessler ‏@OrenKessler 54m
Two Turkish newspapers lead with headline: "Israel falls to its knees," ie to beg forgiveness (Hurriyet)
Retweeted by Jeffrey Goldberg


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