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Friday, February 01, 2013

Great news: Only 60% of the Oxford Union Debating Society wishes for Israel's destruction

In an earlier post, I reported that the Oxford Union Debating Society was going to hold a debate on Thursday night at which the question would be whether Israel is 'a force for good' in the Middle East. The debaters included Anna Baltzer (pictured), who is making it palatable for Jews to support the Jew-hating International Solidarity Movement.

The debate was held on Thursday night, and in a good indicator of just how rampant Jew hatred is in England, the Jewish Chronicle's Jonathan Hoffman reports that it's an accomplishment that 'only' 60% of the Oxford Debating Society wishes for Israel's destruction.
It’s well nigh impossible to win an Israel debate at a British University so to achieve nearly 40% of the vote is a great achievement. And the speakers for the motion were good. Ella Robertson spoke about Israel’s contribution to stability in the region, to democracy and liberalism and to the economy of the Middle East. Alan Mendoza pointed out that Israel produces weapons of peace eg Iron Dome which was possibly the main reason why the Israeli government did not feel obliged to commit ground forces in Operation Pillar of Defence last year. He contrasted Israel’s liberalism with Gaza where students have recently been forced to wear Islamic dress. Richard Perle suggested that the criticism from the opposition speakers was not criticism of Israel per se but criticism of Israel’s right to defend itself. Israel’s non-aggressive nuclear policy was proved by the fact that Saudi Arabia and Egypt would want a nuclear capability if Iran had one but they have never wanted one to counter Israel’s assumed nuclear capability.
Lord Trimble spoke of his own experience on the Turkel Committee. Cabinet papers had been made available to the Committee and moreover he had seen that all orders placed with Israeli coordinators by merchants in Gaza had been fulfilled. He said that Palestinian negotiators had failed even to respond to Olmert’s peace offer. If Israel was genuinely bent on enlarging its territory – as the opposition claimed - then it would have annexed Judea and Samaria years ago. When asked if they wanted to join a Palestinian State, Israeli Arabs expressed an overwhelming desire to stay in Israel.
From the opponents of the Motion came the usual fallacies:
Read the whole thing.

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