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Thursday, February 07, 2013

Europe admits it: Hzbullah's okay because they only murder Jews

We all suspected knew that the real reason that Europe won't declare Hezbullah a designated terror organization is because of the perception that Hezbullah only murders Jews. Incredibly, through this article in the New York Times, the Europeans have now confirmed it.
The European calculation all along has been that whatever its activities in the Middle East, Hezbollah does not pose a threat on the Continent. Thousands of Hezbollah members and supporters operate in Europe essentially unrestricted, raising money that is funneled back to the group in Lebanon.
Changing the designation to a terrorist entity raises the prospect of unsettling questions for Europe — how to deal with those supporters, for example — and the sort of confrontation governments have sought to avoid.
There’s the overall fear if we’re too noisy about this, Hezbollah might strike again, and it might not be Israeli tourists this time,” said Sylke Tempel, editor in chief of the German foreign affairs magazine Internationale Politik.
 More here.

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