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Thursday, February 07, 2013

Pigs fly: UN 'de facto fires' employee who tweeted falsely about Gaza

It took a year, but the United Nations has cut all ties with Kulhood Badawi, the woman who posted the tweet above. The tweet, which as you can see claimed to be current in 2012, was actually a picture taken in 2006. The United Nations has now cut all ties with Badawi. That's a nice way of saying that she was fired.
UN under-secretary-general for humanitarian affairs Valerie Amos, while not disputing Badawi┬╣s actions, publicly questioned whether the world body could be held accountable for "personal" tweets.

As such, she launched the inquiry that Israel's UN mission charged was a "whitewash," with Ambassador Ron Prosor repeatedly insisting that Badawi be fired.

Amos then explained she was awaiting conclusions and recommendations. Yet weeks turned into months, with the investigation having been concluded in October 2012, and repeated inquiries to Amos for updates produced nothing.

On Wednesday, an email from the UN revealed that all facets of the fact-finding mission had finally been completed, and that the organization had opted not to renew Badawi's contract.
Name and shame? 

If she's the same Badawi as this one, she has not had a good year. Maybe time for some self-reflection....

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