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Thursday, February 28, 2013

#BDSFail at Oxford

Students at England's Oxford University on Wednesday voted down a proposal to boycott Israeli institutions, goods and produce.
Students at the prestigious university voted against the motion, as reported by The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday, at Oxford University Students’ Union (OUSU), with 69 votes against, 10 for and 15 abstentions.
The vote failed by a margin of seven to one.
Oxford University’s collegiate system is made up of 38 colleges and six private halls founded by various Christian denominations. Each college has a “junior common room” that votes at the OUSU. The number of votes each college has is determined by the size of the college.
The motion called for the OUSU and National Union of Students to join the boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign, known as the BDS movement, against the Jewish state.


The motion also called on the union to “conduct research into higher education institutions’ contacts, relations, investment and commercial relationships that may be implicated in violating Palestinian human rights as stated by the BDS movement.”
The decision was hailed by the Union of Jewish Students who called on students to constructively engage with Israel, its ideas and people, rather than choose to boycott.
“It’s encouraging to see that this vote reflects a student body who are willing to discuss the complexities that exist within Israel and do not see boycotting it as a viable option or avenue to discuss the conflict,” UJS campaigns director Judith Flacks said.
I wish I could be optimistic and say that this is a turning point and that the world is finally starting to recognize that it is employing a double standard with respect to Israel. But it isn't.

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