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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

About that Syrian 'military research center'

Whether the hit was intentional or not, the Syrian 'military research center' that was hit outside Danascus last week actually plays an important role in Syria's manufacture of biological and chemical weapons.
Syria's vague description of the center fits well with a weapons proliferation organization known as the Scientific Studies and Research Center (better known by its French acronym, CERS).
CERS is a Syrian state organization responsible for developing biological and chemical weapons, missiles, and transferring weapons to Hezbollah and Hamas.
In the past, Israel's former head of the National Security Council's Counter-Terrorism Bureau, Brig.-Gen. (res.) Nitzan Nuriel called on the international community to warn Syria that CERS "will be demolished" if it continues arming terrorist organizations.
According to open source intelligence reports, CERS developed ricin-based chemical weapons. The center was designated as an illegal weapons proliferator by former President George Bush and the US Treasury.
On Saturday, Syrian state TV released footage showing wreckage from the air strikes.
The images appear to have inadvertently verified reports of an arms convoy being the target, as they showed large military trucks that were destroyed in the attack – vehicles that resemble trucks designed to transport anti-aircraft systems.
And it sounds like this will not be the last Israeli strike in Syria. Read the whole thing.

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