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Saturday, January 26, 2013

'Iran would definitely use nuclear weapons against Israel'

An Iranian diplomat who defected two years ago told Israel's Channel 2 on Friday that Iran will have a nuclear weapon within a year and that it would definitely use that weapon against Israel.
"The [Iranian] regime thinks that if it has several atom bombs, it will grant it an insurance policy," Mohammed Razza Hidari said. "They believe that if [they have a nuclear weapon], the world would treat them the way it treats North Korea."
He also warned that if Iran is allowed to stall for more time, "it will have the knowledge to make a nuclear bomb in less than a year."
Hidari, who was stationed at the Tehran International Airport and supervised many of the incoming flights, told Channel 2's Enrique Zimmerman that Venezuela provides uranium for Iran's nuclear program.
"Venezuela buys weapons from criminals and sends them to Iran," Hidari told Channel 2. "Among the things sent were, for example, uranium purchased from mob organizations and sent to the Islamic republic."


Hidari also served as the Iranian envoy in several different countries, among them Georgia and Norway. There, he worked to recruit Western nuclear scientists by promising them a hefty salary.
Two years ago Hidari defected after seeing the Tehran regime suppress opposition protests by slaughtering citizens, and went into hiding in Oslo, Norway, where he works to overthrow Iran's Islamic regime.
"[The West] should impose political sanctions on Iran [such as] closing all Iranian embassies, and not allowing Iranian ministers to visit other countries, like they did with the Apartheid regime," Hidari concluded.
But the Hussein Obama administration has nominated a Secretary of State, a Secretary of Defense and a director of the CIA who all opposed sanctions and want to dawdle some more to let Iran go nuclear.

What could go wrong?



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