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Friday, January 25, 2013

Hezbullah behind Burgas attack after all?

Earlier this week, I reported that there appeared to be no evidence that Hezbullah stood behind last summer's terror attack in Burgas, Bulgaria. Now, the London pan-Arabic daily al-Hayat is reporting that Hezbullah did play a role in the Burgas terror attack. The distinction is critical because it is likely that France will only go along with declaring Hezbullah a terror organization if it's concluded that Hezbullah stood behind the attack.
The London-based paper cited an unnamed “European source” who stated that Bulgarian Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov had briefed fellow European interior ministers at a confidential Thursday meeting.
According to the report, the European source said Tsvetanov had laid out evidence implicating Hezbollah in the terror attack.
However, Bulgarian Foreign Minister Nikolai Mladenov, who visited Israel last week, denied that his country’s authorities had concluded their investigation.
Speaking on Monday on Bulgaria’s national channel BNT, he denied a Channel 2 report that his country had presented evidence to Israel showing a link between Hezbollah and the Burgas killings.
“The reactions in the media were probably because of the political tension in Israel now before their elections, and also because everybody in Bulgaria, Europe and Israel impatiently expect the results from the investigation of the Burgas attack,” he said.
Asked if Hezbollah had been behind the Burgas suicide bombing, Mladenov said, “No, I have not made any statements for the media, neither before nor during my trip to Israel. When the Bulgarian investigators, who are working very hard on the case, complete their work, the truth will have to be announced no matter what it is.”
One way or another, he added, “the results will be announced in Bulgaria first. It’s important that the results are announced here, not abroad in Brussels, the US or Israel.”
It's ridiculous that France and Germany won't agree to make Hezbullah a designated terror organization unless it turns out that Hezbullah played a role in this attack. There is more than enough other evidence of Hezbullah's terror activities. But if this is what it's going to take, I hope that the evidence is found.

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