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Sunday, December 09, 2012

Tom Friedman perfectly describes himself and Barack Hussein Obama

Tom Friedman accidentally describes why Israelis won't listen to him or to Barack Hussein Obama.
The full Israeli experience today is a living political science experiment. How does a country deal with failed or failing state authority on four of its borders — Gaza, South Lebanon, Syria and the Sinai Desert of Egypt — each of which is now crawling with nonstate actors nested among civilians and armed with rockets. How should Israel and its friends think about this “Israeli experience” and connect it with the ever-present question of Israeli-Palestinian peace?
For starters, if you want to run for office in Israel, or be taken seriously here as either a journalist or a diplomat, there is an unspoken question in the mind of virtually every Israeli that you need to answer correctly: “Do you understand what neighborhood I’m living in?” If Israelis smell that you don’t, their ears will close to you. It is one reason the Europeans in general, and the European left in particular, have so little influence here.
It's pretty clear to most Israelis that neither Friedman nor Obama understand our neighborhood either. If they did, they wouldn't still be pushing us to make concessions for the 'peace process.'

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At 11:24 PM, Blogger Empress Trudy said...

Tom "Will Duranty" Friedman's reputation, if he ever had one is so much in tatters that if tried to resurrect by trying to sound not like a moron it's too late. Someone tell Mr. Friedman to sit down.


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